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Network Ireland

Perfect Pitch

On: 26 Sep 2017 07.00 PM To: 26 Sep 2017 10.00 PM

Perfect Pitch

Perfect Pitch - How to Craft & Delivery a 60-Second Pitch" with Catherine Moonan, the Pitch Coach

The evening event will see Catherine facilitate a bespoke workshop to enable all attendees to prepare and deliver a 60-Second Pitch and in business, a lot can happen in 60secs!

By focussing on three main areas – Audience, Content and Delivery, Catherine helps participants to research their target audience and to tailor their pitch to that particular audience. Incorporating brainstorming and mindfulness techniques Catherine will help create an easy to remember a business story, your business story.

Catherine also demonstrates the importance of delivery and body language - after all, it’s not necessarily what you say that matters, it’s how you say it! Each participant will be able to practice their 60-second pitch around the table, and the lucky few will have the opportunity to deliver their 60-second pitch in front of the whole group!

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