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Network Ireland

President's Message



I am honoured to lead this phenomenal organisation in 2018.  I am
humbled to do so in the footsteps of some true giants of the promotion
of women in business, of female entrepreneurship and of equality and
gender diversity in all sectors.

Network Ireland has flourished during 2017. Did you know?
The organisation is 35 years established! There are now 15 branches
nationwide as we have opened 7 new branches since November 2016.
We currently have 1,000 members which is 80% growth in membership.
We have 6 national awards winners and with our new mentor programme
we now have over 200 hours of mentoring available. And so much more
is going on behind the scenes. The national executive committee and all
our volunteers around the country are working tirelessly to ensure we
protect the Network Ireland brand while striving to be Irelands leading
national organisation that all women aspire to be part of.

2018 is about ‘paying it forward’. What does this mean for you? We want
each of our members to continue to make connections and to refer business,
we want you to mentor, to give back and always be thinking in the back of
your mind-how can I help this person I have just met. Who do I know that can help them?

We are firm believers that good things happen to good people and if everyone
pays it forward, it will come full circle and something good will, without doubt happen to you in return.

Roseann Heavey

President Network Ireland 2018